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RF Power

Semiconductor &
Display Market

Semiconductor &
Display Market

PECVD, PEALD, Etching system

RF Generator & RF Matcher Network.
(2MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 1kw ~ 5kw)

RF Filter, RF Switching Module

Termination Matching Module, RF Accessories.

Military and High
Frequency AMP.

Military Biz, Ion
Accelerator Biz, Laser Biz

ELID Power Supply & Laser Maker (27.12Mhz/40.68MHz)

VHF, KU-Band Amplifiers.

RF Solid State Amplifier for Ion Accelerator (80Mhz ~ 3GHz, 7Kw)

Industrial Market

LED Etcher, PECVD,
Atmospheric Plasma,
Plasma Application.

RF Generator & RF Matching Network. (2MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 1kw ~ 5kw)

RF Accessories : RF Blocking filter, etc.

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