Military & Accelerator

Test Equipment


  • Technology

    Solid-state Power Amplifier Design Technology

    Low Loss Spatial Power Combining Technology with Low Profile and Light Weight

  • Features

    2.7 ~ 3.1GHz 200W pulsed SSPA

    High Power Gain: 60 dB

    Output Power: 200 W

    Spurious Signals: -65 dBc

    Harmonics: -20 dBc

    DSP Control

    Dimension: 430mm x 600mm x 80mm

  • Applications

    Radar System, EW & Communication System

    Accelerator Driver

    RF Test Equipment

L-SAM Test Equipment

  • Technology

    TRM Design and System Integrated Test

    Beamforming Array Factor Analysis

    Transmitter Control

    Compact Size Design

  • Features

    TRM (8 x 8) Mounting

    Beamforming: ±45°

    Heat Control: > 000 W

  • Applications

    AESA Radar

    Reliability Test for Key Components