DX Series RF Matcher for IND

DX Series Matcher is designed for transferring a maximum power from a source RF power generator to a load system.

Generally a load system will be the plasma application that have many different, changed impedance and while the system is igniting an gas in plasma condition by RF power generator the system impedance are changing. Under this conditions, RF power generators are very difficult to transfer efficient source power to target load application due to un-matching system impedance.

The design are measuring/tracking drifted impedance between a load system and RF power source of generator and match impedances between both. so automatically to minimize a reflect power of source RF power, this design efficiently make transferring maximum power to a load applications from RF generators.

  • EM Simulation for High Power Inductor

  • MBA Impedance prediction algorithm[RFPT]

  • MBA Impedance prediction algorithm[Traditional]

Standard Specification

  • Matching Range R:1~40, X:43~-43 (The load impedance set to R ± jX [Ω])
    Auto Tuning Time < 1sec (Continuous tuning : <0.5sec)
    Tuning Accuracy 4Watts or 1% of maximum input power
    Working Voltage Rating 5kV
    RF Current Rating 50A
    Interface RS-232C : 9-Pin D-Sub, female
    Input Voltage 24Vdc, ±10% or 110V~220Vac ±10%, 1Ǿ
    Input Current 3.0A maximum, 2.0A idle
    Operation Mode Auto / Manual / Preset

Xpider series RF Matcher

RFPT design team uses a specific match design tool for corresponding customer requirements & Global Safety Standards.

Match Simulator is an RFPT owned RF network simulation tool based on Python Script. Possible to simulate all components & nodes’ RF stresses as well as tuning range. Possible to calculate minimum creepage & clearance distance according to global standards. which is used in various ways, such as deposition, etcher, cleaning, Asher, Atmospheric pressure, and Sputter systems

  • #13.56MHz RF Matcher

    Power Output : ~10kw

  • #2MHz RF Matcher

    Power Output : ~5kw

  • #27.12MHz RF Matcher

    Power Output : ~5kw

  • #400kHz LF Matcher

    Power Output : ~1.5kw

  • #개발예정 ITEMs

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Ultra Strong Ruggedness with Wideband LDMOS Technology

    Power Mode (Forward / Delivered)

    DSP Control technology

    Stable output power (Balanced Amp)

    CEX / Phase Shifter Option

    Frequency Modulation

    Pulse Modulation

  • Descum System

    PECVD System

    PEALD System

    Dry Etch System

    Coating, Sputtering System

    OLED system

    Atmospheric Plasma System

Standard Specification

  • High Speed Tuning Time–Impedance Prediction Algorithm

    < 1 sec @ Preset

    < 5 sec @

    All positions at 50% Load/50% Tune position

  • Interface RS-232C : 9-Pin D-Sub, female
    Ambient Operating Temperature 10℃ to + 40℃
    Output Sensing : V, I
    Option - RF VIZ Output Sensor (optional) : V, I & Phase
    - Options : VDC

High Position Repeatability – 3200/revolution High Resolution Encoder

Position Repeatability : < 0.1 % @ 6 sigma

High Accuracy – 3X Sensor (next gen… RF VIZ technology note**1)

0.5% Reflected power @ Forward power

Note**1 : RF VIZ technology - RFPT’s RF Sensor Technology using Very High Speed & Accurate Sensing Technology with FPGA & High Speed DSP Chip.

  • Simulation Result–Tuning range & RF Stresses

    This system is designed optimized RF Matcher through various simulations such as Tuning Range

    RX Plot, Smith Chart & SOA, Safety Operating Area & RF Stresses –Voltage & Current Load & Tune Capacitors & RF Output Voltage, Current

TTMS(Tunable Termination Matching System)

TTMS is a technology that controls the process by influencing the plasma inside the facility by connecting variable capacitors in series to the RF ground underneath the plasma facility.

RFPT’s TTMS offers the latest RF power semiconductor technology and outstanding operating features making them leading edge products. To protect the TTMS circuit, a temperature sensor called safety eye was applied, and a 9-pin D-SUB interface was also applied for communication. Which is used in various ways, such as deposition, etcher, cleaning, Asher, Atmospheric pressure, and Sputter systems.

  • Plasma control by ground impedance

    Variable grounding potential

    High precision close-loop control

    High impedance tolerance ±1%

  • Standard Specifications (TTMS)

    • Specifications

      Frequency : 27.12MHz(Any frequency is available)

      Max. Power : 400V rms, 20Arms @ 27.12MHz

      Capacitor position repeatavility : >+/- 0.5 ohm, Position 50% repeatability Test

      Input connector : TBD(Customizing)

      Interlock/Alarm : Interlock Limit switch location : DC input port

      Dimesion : TBD

    • no

      D/R and Stress Micro Process Care

      Improved Uniformity for VHF Chamber

      Controllable RF Impedance for GND

      Impedance Tolerance ±0.24% for TTTM