RF Filter & Accessary

High Performance & Improving the process with RF Filter & Accessary

For Semiconductor Equipment requires Smart & High performance RF Accessories, RF Blocking Filter, RF Sensor, RF Module to Achieve Efficiently Controlling manufacturing Process and high reliability for all your application.. Necessary for Customized, Minimized, and becoming Customer-Focused technology... RFPT’s product expertise and experience give the best solution of RF application and any trouble of RF noise, unstable condition in your System.

RF Filter

ESC RF Blocking Filter

RF Blocking Filter

RF Switching Module

VI Sensor

RF Driver

Customized Accessary

Customized Product RF Filter

RFPT takes “Total RF solution” for customer needs and technical support at any customer systems.
All RF filters are designed based upon RF simulation and technical experience.

RFPT’s RF Filter offers the latest RF power semiconductor technology and outstanding operating features making them leading edge products.
To protect the RF Filter circuit, a temperature sensor called safety eye was applied. Which is used in various ways, such as deposition, etcher, cleaning, Asher, Atmospheric pressure, and Sputter systems.

  • #1Zone ~ N Zone RF Filter

  • #TC, TCS RF Filter

  • #High Power RF Filter

    • Features

      Blocking for RF energy leakage

      RF high impedance technology

      Multi-frequency technology

      High power handling technology : RF 30KW/AC 5KW

      2-Zone for PEALD, PECVD

      128 Multi-Zone for Etcher

    • Applications

      Descum System

      PECVD System

      PEALD System

      Dry Etch System

      Coating, Sputtering System

      OLED system

      Atmospheric Plasma System

Application Customer Zone Spec Record
PECVD 1 Zone 13.56MHz Zout > 1kΩ 4,000 sets
Wonik IPS 2 Zone 27.12MHz Zout > 2kΩ 1,000 sets
6 Zone 13.56MHz Zout > 1kΩ 10 sets
ASMK & ASMJ 2 Zone 27.12MHz Zout > 1kΩ 200 sets
TEL Korea 2 Zone 27.12MHz Zout > 3kΩ 5 sets
Dry Etcher 34 Zone 20 sets
SEMES 5 Zone 13.56 /2 /60MHz Zout > 1kΩ 15 sets
4 Zone 10 sets
APTC 18 Zone 13.56MHz Zout > 1kΩ 100 sets

RF VIZ Sensor

RF VIZ is a high performance RF vector sensor providing high accurate measurements of RF and Plasma physical parameters in real-time based on specific DSP & FPGA technology. Provides the optimized RF key information for various & specific RF plasma applications with RFPT own specific calibration approaches. Provides easy installation to customer systems with various physical shapes like All-in-One, Stand-alone & Built-in. Provides RF information for various frequencies – MF, HF & VHF Next generation will be a very high performance sensor enable to read pulsed RF, sweeping frequency & arbitrary waveforms for advanced plasma applications.


  • #13.56MHz RF VIZ SENSOR

  • #27.12MHz RF VIZ SENSOR

  • Features
  • Applications
  • High Speed ADC


    IQ Demodulation

    Fast Fourier Transform

    Linear Algebra Calculation

    High performance FPGA

    System on Chip w/ MicroBlaze

  • Dry Etch & PECVD @ Large Area FPD or OLED

    Metal CVD, PECVD, ALD & Dry Etch

    Pre-Match–Power Sensor for monitoring

    Pro-Match–Dual Plasma Source System ICP Etch w / CCP bias

    Process required “Tool to Tool Matching”and stable RF monitoring

Switchable RF Matcher for LF Generator

  • Specifications

    Input connector : N-type(female, right-angle)

    Output connector : N-type(female, right-angle)

    Cooling : Forced Airr

    Temperature : 5℃ to +40℃

    Intertace : Analog Interface(15-pin, Male)

    Max Input Power : 900w

    Selectable Real Impedance : 7 Positions

    Selectable Real Impedance : 4 Positions

    Nput DC Voltage : DC 24v

    Max Input DC Current : Max 2A

  • no

    Tap Selected Impedance Matching

    Low Frequency Application(400kHz)

    Real and Imaginary Impedance Matching

    Customizing Available