About RFPT


RFPT changing with creative innovation.

  • Steps to challenge the world

  • 2010-2013

  • Company established in 2010.

    URG/URM Series 13.56MHz 300w, 600w,
    1kw RF Generator, Auto Matcher Company established in 2010.

    Development of the prototype of S-band 1kw SSA (Solid State Amplifier) for synchrotron radiation accelerator completed.

    Certified ISO19001

    Registered as a business venture.

    Research center created.

    Partnership agreement with ASM Korea & Japan (RF Switch)

    Partnership agreement with EO Technics (RF Driver for Laser)

  • Stages of growth towards the best

  • 2014-2015

  • REX/AX Series 13.56MHz Generator,
    Auto Matcher released.

    LF Generator (400kHz 400w) released.

    DX Series (Digital Matcher) released.

    Partnership agreement with Wonik IPS (supplied for the mass production of RF Filter, Termination Matcher, etc.)

    KRW 1 billion achieved in export (RF Generator & Matcher for atmospheric pressure plasma) to FOXCONN, BOE, Biel, and Vital Link in China

    Defense Division added.

  • Construction stage for the future

  • 2016-2018

  • REXi/DX Series 2MHz/13.56MHz/27.12MHz
    3kw, 6kw RF Generator, Auto Matcher released.

    Partnership contract with PSK (supplied for the mass production of RF Generator, Dual output Matcher, etc.)

    Partnership contract with AP System (supplied for the mass production of RF Generator, Matcher etc.)

    Development agreement with Samsung Electronics mechatronics & manufacturing Technology Center

    Development agreement with SEMES research institute.

    Minister's Award (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) (for domestic development of PAL, S-, X-band SSA for 4th generation radiation accelerator).

    Partnership contract with Hanwha Systems (Defense Division).

    Supplier for the mass production of 2kw TRM for VHF-radar by Hanwha Systems.

    Succeeded in domestic development of KU-band 1kw class SSPA (localizing core parts for Defense Agency for Technology and Quality).

  • The first class in the world

  • 2019~

  • X-pider series high tech RF Matcher released and mass-produced (Samsung Vietnam's VD Division).

    RF VIZ SENSOR technology developed and released.

    ESC Power developed.ESC Power developed.

    New REXi-Series developed.

    Tunable Termination Matcher

    Other filters added (frequency, N-Zone, etc...)